Cakes are bought from the 5 Star Hotels.
In cities where there are no 5 Star Hotels, we buy the Cakes from the best bakery of that city.

Flowers are In-house arranged in Karachi.
In other cities, we buy the flowers from the best vendor.
All Flowers are guaranteed to be Fresh.

Mithai is bought from Sony Sweets / Rehmat – E – Shereen and in other cities we buy Mithai from the best mithai vendor of that city.

Chocolates are all imported, and are bought from various dealers.

All Stuff Toys / Toys are bought from the best shops in Tariq Road & Zamzama, Karachi.

All Perfumes / Cosmetics are imported, bought by various dealers.

Leather Items from Jafferjees, Karachi.

All Watches are imported – bought from various dealers.